A few things will happen at your complementary first appointment. First Dr. Hansen or Dr. Miller will examine your mouth and review your dental history. They’ll give you an orthodontic X-ray to get a full view of your mouth so they can find the best treatment for you. After the examination, Dr. Hansen or Dr. Miller will sit down with you and let you know whether or not they recommend any orthodontic treatment. If they do recommend any, they’ll let you know which treatment they think is best and how long it will take.

We have a treatment coordinator who will then show you the different types of braces you can choose between, if the doctors recommend braces. They will then discuss pricing and payment options with you and go over insurance benefits if you are using insurance.

This first appointment will take about an hour, and if you choose to go ahead with the orthodontic treatment then we can take impressions and photographs and schedule an appointment to place your braces at the same time.

Easy, right? All it takes is one free initial appointment and you’ll have a custom orthodontic treatment plan in your hands.

Print and fill out these forms before your first appointment so we can get right to the examination when you get here.