Treatment plans are unique. Each patient will have a different treatment plan on a different timeline. Some patients will need to come in more often or have longer appointments than others based on their treatment. At your initial appointment, we’ll give you an estimated timeline so you know what to expect.

We try our hardest to work around your school and work schedules, so we offer early morning and late afternoon appointments. We schedule each patient to alternate between early and late appointments so we can treat all patients fairly.

Bonding and banding appointments for braces are usually scheduled in the morning because they usually require a longer appointment.

Thank you for helping us keep our scheduling fair and for being willing to alternate appointments to keep things running smoothly at Bella Orthodontics.


Nobody wants to come to a dirty doctor’s office.

We pride ourselves in keeping our office clean, sterile, and comfortable. We clean and sterilize all treatment surfaces and instruments before and after every appointment. All instruments go through our system which heat-sterilizes at 400–425 degree temperatures and our sterilization area is inspected often to ensure everything is working correctly.

All our staff members have been vaccinated against the Hepatitis-B virus and we use new masks and gloves for each patient. Our staff is trained to protect each patient’s health, and we often review our sterilization and cleaning techniques with the entire staff. You’ll always find our office clean.