Orthodontic treatments aren’t only for teens. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children first visit the orthodontist by the age of 7. Early diagnosis at a young age can prevent major issues from developing and usually eliminates the need for surgery. Adults can benefit from orthodontics as well, and we accommodate patients of any age.

Early Treatment

While orthodontics work at any age, there are some conditions that are easier to treat at a young age. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children visit the orthodontist for an initial visit no later than age 7. Necessary treatments won’t always begin at that age, but early diagnosis lets us plan the optimal treatment timeline. Common issues in young children include the following:

  • Creating room for new, crowded teeth
  • Creating facial symmetry by working with jaw growth
  • Adjusting protruding front teeth to prevent trauma
  • Making space for incoming teeth
  • Preventing the need for tooth removal
  • Reducing time spent in braces

Adult Treatment

You don’t have to live with crooked teeth! Adults can still fix their smile and improve the health of their teeth and gums. Braces can change your smile and improve your self-esteem at any age, adults included. Some common problems that adults with a crooked jaw or teeth face are tooth decay, gum and bone loss, uneven wear of teeth, headaches, and jaw pain.

Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery might not be necessary if simple orthodontic treatments can fix the problem. This happens often.

If surgery is necessary, we’ll use the most current, state-of-the-art methods, technology, and materials to give you the best result. Our advanced technology minimizes treatment time and helps you heal faster after surgery.