Sore Teeth

Sore teeth are normal after a visit. Take acetaminophen or other non-aspirin pain relievers when you’re adjusting to your new braces. A warm salt water rise, heating pad, or warm wash cloth can help reduce soreness in your jaw.

Wire Irritation

Sometimes a wire on your braces can irritate your mouth. Use a cotton pad or an eraser to try to push the wire away from the irritated area. Cover the wire with the wax we give you if that doesn’t work. You can also cut the wire with sterilized nail clippers if it’s long enough.

Loose Bracket

Call our office if your main wire or bracket comes loose. It may need to be refitted. If for some reason you need to cut the wire or remove a bracket off the wire, use alcohol-sterilized fingernail clippers and call our Las Vegas office to schedule an emergency appointment.

Lost Separator

Losing separators is common. Call our office to see if you need to replace it. Bella Orthodontics in Las Vegas can help you replace your lost separator.